Neema Orphanage

About ten years ago, Mike and Jan Russell met John and Ada Ateno, while in Kenya.  John, being an orphan as a child, had a heart for the orphans all over the world.  So, He began an orphanage in a tin building, but began to pray for a piece of property to build a permanent building for the children he was housing.  While in Kenya, Mike and Jan prayed with John and Ada over this property, and  within a few year, the property was purchased and a building was built.  Now Neema Children’s Home houses over 40 orphan children.

After one of the female students was attacked and raped, on the way to school, John decided to open a school on the property to protect students from the crime of the city .  Not only is this school for the orphans, but for the poorest children that live in the area.
While Neema Children’s Home feeds the orphans that they care for, they also provide meals ,on a daily basis, for any of the children in the area that are hungry.  The philosophy of Neema, is to feed every child that come through the ministry until the food is gone, and that is exactly what they do every day!
John has a vision, that one day they will not run out of food, and never have to turn children away that need a meal.  They also pray that, soon, they will be able to pay the teachers that volunteer their time to teach at the school.
Neema Children’s Home in  Kisumu, Kenya  houses 48 Orphans and feeds 140 children per day.  Neema is a Christ Centered refuge and school for  orphans and the poorest children in the Kisumu area.  The only alternative for the orphans would be life on the streets. Donations should be made to Russell Ministries, Inc.  100% of donations go to the Neema Children’s Home.